Education consultancy

We can help you to find the right program according with your expectations and personal goals. Language- diploma- universities-primary and secondary schools. 

Immigration Advice

We always think of you first. We are committed to always providing the best service and advice to make your visa process as easy as possible for you. We have a full licensed immigration advisors who can legally give you excellent advice to maximize your options. 


Experience the best of New Zealand, we can take you with guide tours on the adventure to explore the more rugged and remote corner of our beautiful New Zealand landscape.


It is a good idea to have some accommodation organized before you arrive to NZ. We can help you to arrange different types of accommodation. Living in a Homestay or a hall of residence are probably the best option for someone who is new to New Zealand. 

Welcoming services

Excel group provides welcoming service for all students. The service covers pick up from Auckland airport to your accommodation it provides convenience and comfort with your busy schedule. We also can support you for general procedures as bank account opening, cell phone plan, transportation card and currency exchange.

Medical insurance

While you are in New Zealand you must obtain a medical insurance for the period of study. We can help you to understand which cover is right for you and how it works in New Zealand.